I can see the moonlight shining off the tracks 
Down beside the river, and Lord, it takes me back 
To that starry night when I made you mine 
With a little midnight kiss 

I can see us dreaming, wondering where we’d live 
Just two wishful thinkers, just a couple kids 
We were young and scared, but we didn’t care 
There in our innocence 

Baby, why don’t we play that old song from way back when 
And Baby, why don’t we go to that place we met and then 
We can fall in love 
We can fall in love 
All over again 

We can throw the top back, head on out of town 
Drive along the coast til the sun is going down 
Dancing in the sand, can’t you hear the band 
Let’s get lost in time 


We can fall in love 
We can fall in love